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  1. We were approached by Brightons famous The Argus newspaper to help them with their valentines edition. People from across Sussex emailed in with their valentines / dating questions and we were there to help and answer them.

    Those of you who aren't new to our blog by find the questions a little tame and mainstream, but none the less for your reading pleasure we've copied what was said in The Argus below.

  2. A simple trick of just framing your interaction as “playing to win” can really start producing some kinky results.

    If in your mind you're “playing to win”, you're going to be automatically demonstrating a lot more intent and making a conscious effort to lead and escalate the interaction down the path you want it to. Leading an interaction is incredibly powerful. Leading is what separates you from “oh he was some friendly guy I met” from solid heavy attraction.

By Pua Brighton