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  1. Meditation

    Welcome Guys. I have decided after a long time studying, refining and putting into practice the skills it takes to meeting,interacting and having relations with lots of beautiful women,it is now time to put pen to paper and to discuss the elements needed in order to become the person you truly want to be. And when I say the person 'you want to become' I mean it in terms of personal change. Notice how I never used the term 'to bed lots of beautiful women'. The truth is, its never about women. Its about you and what you are willing and not willing to do in terms of getting out there and having lots of interactions with lots of women. Also, there is also a problem with the beliefs you have about yourself. What you think you can and can't achieve is simply in the arena of your own mind. Henry Ford, the maker of the motor car once said 'Whether you think you can do something or can't do something, you are most probably right' So in that sense, 'picking up' lots of women, if you want to use that term, is therefore nothing more then a mindset. In the upcoming weeks, we will be going further into depth what these mindsets are, and how to get into the 'right frame of mind' when approaching not just women, but anything in your life.

    Your journey will therefore begin, not with women. But within yourself. The first step to take on board that will help you tremedously towards your journey, is, meditation.

    You have propably heard a lot about meditation in 'the community' or maybe its just something that you've heard about and aware of, but never seriously given it any thought or consideration.

    So why meditate? Is that really going to help you pick up girls? Well, yes it will, in an indirect kind of way. Meditation helps you stay centred and grounded, while at the same time will help you stay focused on the present moment so you are not in your head all the time. Often, its seems, when one is depressed, then these thoughts originate in the past, because of all the damage you may have suffered while you were growing up. If one is overtly anxious, then these thoughts originate in the future, because one doesnt know what is about to happen yet, so he constantly worrys about some impending doom that more often than not, fails to materialise. What meditation allows you to do is instead focus on the PRESENT that is, the world you are actually living in. By concentrating on methods such as breathing in and then out again, you are focusing on all that is REAL as opposed to some story that is being dictated by the mind in ones psyche. Meditation in that sense, will help You to lessen the dramatization that your mind has created by a) past relationships with women  and b) The future anxiety of having to have an interaction with a women.

    Learn first that you are not your mind. You are the observer behind your mind. Your mind is just a misfiring of neurons in your head, an auto pilot collections of thoughts that is mainly nonsense. Your goal is to transend all that and realise this, in order to begin to starting thinking from your 'higher power'.

    So back to meditation.

    In order to complete your daily exercise in meditation, I suggest you first sit somewhere where it is quiet. You can sit in a chair like position with your feet placed firmly on the ground. Or, if it suits you better, you can sit in a lotus position, if you don't know what this is, then it is sitting cross legged on the floor. The same posture that is used in yoga. Different people like to dedicate different amounts of time per meditation session, but I say start with 10 minutes, and work your way up to 20 mins. Now, sitting in a chair like position or lotus, for the first 10 minutes I want you to just find a spot somewhere, it can be a mark on a wall, it can be an object, ANYTHING and just focus on that for 10 minutes. Why? Well, not only will it train your mind to focus on the present moment, but when you look into a girls eyes when speaking to her will allow you to maintain eye contact and also in the process displays a LARGE amount of confidence as well. So for the first ten minutes you are focusing on the EXTERNAL. For the next ten minutes I want you to close your eyes, as this deals with the INTERNAL workings of your mind.

    Wether it is eyes open or closed, the main point of meditation is to focus on your breathing and nothing more. Breathe in through your nose, and breathe out through your mouth and for both parts of the meditation I want you to concentrate on your breathing. DON'T FORCE IT but just allow your natural breathing patterns to occur. Allow whatever thoughts that may drift in out of your mind without being affected by them. Just concentrate on the mouth/nose area for the complete 20 minutes.

    You begin to notice the benefits immediataely. And You will find yourself like a king among men, where external shit is happening all the time...but you are just not being affected by it.

    If you would like any further information or guidence in this area of your life, in terms of taking a course or just general information, then please get in contact to Imran at puabrighton@googlemail.com or just check out the website at www.puabrighton.co.uk

    Peace and happy living!

    Imran Asghar

    PUA Brighton

  2. We were approached by Brightons famous The Argus newspaper to help them with their valentines edition. People from across Sussex emailed in with their valentines / dating questions and we were there to help and answer them.

    Those of you who aren't new to our blog by find the questions a little tame and mainstream, but none the less for your reading pleasure we've copied what was said in The Argus below.

By Pua Brighton